FIREBULL Aerosol Extinguisher

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Enforcer CAFS equipment utilize recommended mixes at 1%, 3%, and 6% by fire type. Please use the mix calculator to determine how much water and AFFF concentrate are needed per tank size. Enforcer CAF systems are available in 3, 10, 30, 60 and 200 gallon units. Enforcer recommends FireAde® brand firefighting products. Use of other products will void warranty and may damage system.

Contact EnforcerOne, LLC for any questions or concerns at 678-788-8413.

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FIREBULL Aerosol Extinguisher

FIREBULL Easy One-Touch Fire Extinguishers quickly suppress fires indoors and outdoors with a simply point and press nozzle that offers up to 20 ft spray distance so you can extinguish fires from a safe distance. FIREBULL is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, no-mess water-based fire suppression spray which is effective on Class A, Class B, Class D, and Class K fires.

UL 711 Rated 1:B  


  • UL 711 1:B Rated
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FIREBULL Easy One-Touch Aerosol Fire Extinguisher

Please contact Enforcer One, LLC® for more information.

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