Frequently Asked Questions

Is the expiration date posted? What happens after the 5 year-guarantee expires?

Enforcer One, LLC offers a five-year guarantee on Aerosol Fire Extinguishers from date of purchase. Please retain your purchase receipt and email or call 678-788-8413 with issues. A Manufacture Date indicating the date of manufacture is printed on the bottom of your can and will be used in lieu of purchase date if you do not retain your purchase receipt.

Is the FIREBULL Easy One-Touch Aerosol Fire Extinguisher DOT Rated?

DOT Certified Fire Extinguishers serve a specific purpose. FIREBULL Easy One-Touch Aerosol Fire Extinguishers are not DOT rated and will not replace mandated serviceable and inspected fire extinguishers. However, customers prefer FIREBULL as a first option for suppression of small fires before they become hazards requiring the DOT extinguisher.

For the Enforcer AIR 3, how long does this need to be charged for it to start working? How long does it hold a charge?

Charge the Enforcer AIR 3 to 120PSI. Check pressure monthly and refill as needed. When ready to use, open the valve to charge the system before using. A manual and e-learning course will be provided to you at time of purchase.

For the Enforcer AIR 3 and the Enforcer10 – do these come with some suppressant firefighting product when you purchase it or do they have to purchase the product separately?

FIREBULL firefighting concentrate must be purchased with the equipment and can be purchased separately on future orders.

Does Enforcer offer a separate mounting bracket for the Enforcer 10 or can I use the same one that I use for the Enforcer AIR 3?

The Enforcer AIR 3 Mounting Bracket allows for easy and secure mounting to vehicles or stationery objects. The Enforcer 10 is attached to a SKID which can be mounted without a bracket.

Will the eLearning for the Enforcer AIR 3 or Enforcer10 show how someone can properly go about mounting these securely?

Not at this time but a team member will assist you with a personal walk through of mounting options.

Is the Enforcer AIR 3 wearable?

A Backpack is available as an add on for customers. Please ask your representative to add this to your quote or order. Promo will apply. Price of Backpack: $448 Price with Promo: $358.40

How is freight calculated?

Freight is calculated based on your zip code and the freight forwarder or small package company. We will work to identify the lowest freight charges possible.

How much FIREBULL® concentrate does an Enforcer® CAFS unit use?

We recommend that the unit is mixed at 3% which means 3 parts foam to 97 parts water. If using FIREBULL® Freeze Protected Pre-Mix you would fill the unit to full, as it is pre-mixed and not a concentrate.

Can I use my Enforcer® CAFS unit more than once?

Yes, it can be used many times during the unit’s lifetime. After use, all that is necessary is to replace the nitrogen gas cylinder (refilled or exchanged at nearby welding supply) and add the proper percentage of FireAde and Water.

Do I have to keep my Enforcer® CAFS unit indoors?

No, but it is important that the unit is kept from freezing and protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Use of FireAde® Freeze Protected Pre-Mix is recommended. Please see our products page for more information on FireAde® Freeze Protected Pre-mix and other products.

What maintenance does Enforcer® CAFS require?

Little or no maintenance is required for the lifetime of the unit, providing reasonable care is taken to protect unit from freezing and it is shielded from the sun. It is necessary to check the pressure level in the nitrogen gas cylinder at least once a year.

How long does Enforcer® CAFS produced foam last?

The longevity of Class A foam depends on the relative humidity and wind. CAFS foam will likely last about two hours under average weather conditions, possibly longer under certain humidity conditions. After the foam disappears most surfaces stay wet for a longer period of time compared to water alone.

How much foam do Enforcer Compressed Air Foam Systems(CAFS) produce?

The compressed air foam systems produce approximately 20 gallons of foam for each gallon of water. Therefore 30 gallons of water makes 600 gallons of foam; 60 gallons of water makes 1,200 gallons of foam. Our units are available in 3 gallons, 10 gallons, 30 gallons, 60 gallons, and 200 gallons.

Do Enforcer® Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) units need electricity?

No. Enforcer® CAFS are powered by compressed air or nitrogen gas.